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Is your sexual life getting a little mundane and predictable? There are many who get tired of sex when it is monotonous and uninspiring. You can now add some oomph to your private life with adult vibrators that are fun and easy to use. These are products that help achieve an orgasm in a safe and comfortable manner. These can be used by couples who want a different experience or by individuals who find themselves alone on a particularly long night!
  • Strong vibrations + sucking tongue design. Wireless remote control.Multiple stimulation. Orgasm generator.
  • Most popular lipstick design bullet vibrator with tongue assembled brings surprises, small sizes make it easy to carry.
Gift box packaging. OEM/ODM.
  • Hot sale AV stick massager vibrator, safe material medical silicone+ABS, 60 mins long battery life, rechargeable.OEM/ODM. One-stop custom services available.

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OMySimba Team was born to provide high-quality products to benefit you, to offer excellent long-term customer OEM/ODM one-stop service, and wholeheartedly helps you profit and brand building. Our product line involves sex dolls, sex toys including vibrators, dildo, anal toys, penis ring and more. We have strict standard for raw material, medical silicone + ABS makes the products safe and comfortable.

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  • high vibration low noise/em>